[mythtv-users] Dual Core or Dual CPU??

GyroTech gyrotech at freakinabox.com
Sat Aug 4 13:29:32 UTC 2007

Hello all - I'm looking for some hardware advice for a MythTV server I 
want to build.

I'm looking to kit out a fairly beefy back-end, dealing with MythTV and 
a file server. It's going to have a PCI-E RAID5 card in it (RocketRAID 
seems to be a good choice there)and two, perhaps four, DVB-T tuner cards 
in it. All the front ends will be FE-only boxes, maybe even diskless.

I was looking at forking out for a dual Opteron setup, but since these 
Core 2 Duos have come out they seem to be able to handle a fair grunt. 
So, has anyone worked with either\both setups care to give me an honest 
opinion on what they would do. Obviously the Intel chips and lower power 
and price on their side, but Opterons have the increased bus bandwidth 
(which helps greatly in the transcoding) and redundancy on their side.

Thanks for any and all advice...


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