[mythtv-users] assign mplayer/mythtv playback settings perdirectory?

Nick Rout nick at rout.co.nz
Sat Aug 4 10:10:40 UTC 2007

Anduin Withers wrote:
>> Is there a way to configure mythtv or mplayer so as anything in a
>> particular directory (e.g., "Widescreen Movies") will play with the
>> monitoraspect=16:9 switch added to the global playback options, while
>> the rest of the vids outside of said specified dir play back in 4:3
>> aspect as defined globally in my mplayer config file?
> There is not, in the past I've handled such special cases by setting the
> player to be a script which did the right thing.

I have seen scripts to do that sort of thing, but don't you just end up 
with fat people when you play the 4:3 stuff stretched to 16:9. You may 
be better to cut the top and bottom and maintain ratio.

Is there a "justify" filter available - my widescreen TV has this - it 
expands the stuff at the edges more than in the centre, the rationale 
being that most of what you watch is in the centre and you won't notice 
too much if some of the periphery is stretched more.

> Have you tried using the internal player?
This vertainly has well accesible stretch options via the "w" button or 
using manual stretch.

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