[mythtv-users] Mythweb: Recorded Programs takes forever...

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Fri Aug 3 18:31:02 UTC 2007

On 08/03/2007 03:34 AM, Johan Heikkilä wrote:
> I have the same problem with SVN. It has been like this for at least
> several months (can't remember when it started). I have tried
> everything I could think of, except to start with a new database from
> scratch.
> The reason it takes so long, is that it regenerates all thumbnails
> every time I load the page in Mythweb. I have 107 recordings and it
> took 58 seconds to load the page when I checked.

On my system, 208 recordings takes 7 seconds (and almost all of that is
browser page layout time).

> When I look into my recordings/ directory, it has recreated all
> *.mpg.png files.
> It is NOT recreating the thumbnails in mythweb/data/cache/ (files are
> named *.mpg.100x0x64.png). There are *.mpg.100x0x64.png both in
> mythweb/data/cache/ and in recordings/. These are not recreated.
> It is however the *.mpg.png files that are created every time I load
> the page that is the problem. I don't really understand why there has
> to be both *.mpg.100x0x64.png and *.mpg.png files. The later files are
> a little larger (160x120 or 160x90 pixel).
> Do I have something configured wrong?
Yep.  If you're saying that the *.mpg.png files in the MythWeb
data/cache directory are recreated, you've probably got mixed versions
of code (i.e. bad SVN update, bad install, ...)

cache]$ ls *.mpg.png
ls: *.mpg.png: No such file or directory

There shouldn't be /any/ *.mpg.png files in MythWeb (they're the
previews used by mythfrontend(s) not by MythWeb).

If you're saying that the *.mpg.png files on the backend's recordings
directory are being recreated, it means that the date of the PNG files
is < the "last modified date" for the recording (in the database).  That
generally happens because of bad permissions in the recordings
directory--and the fact that it happens every time just reinforces the
theory; it's unable to update the preview timestamps to the current
time.  I have *.mpg.png files in the recordings directory going back to
Nov 18, 2006--my oldest recording.


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