[mythtv-users] HDTV Recording (Dealing with 5C)

Tom Greer trgreer at gmail.com
Mon Apr 30 10:28:45 UTC 2007

 Matt Jordan wrote:
> Currently I have a single system MythTV box (SD only/PVR-150) and it
> works spectacularly well. It is completely reliable in terms of
> recording, channel changing and everything and has been for more than
> a year.
> I have started to build a much more powerful separate BE and FE system
> for HDTV but after reading comments on the list and going through the
> Wiki I am a bit dismayed with some of the problems with HDTV.
> Originally I had planned to go with FireWire but I have huge concerns
> about 5C encrypted broadcasts and the inability to record them. Most
> of the shows I watch are on "extended cable" (Discovery, Comedy
> Central, etc) and it is rare that I watch the big networks such as
> NBC, CBS, FOX. Is there a viable and reliable option for recording
> HDTV for the higher channels as to avoid the 5C trap? It seems like
> there is a serious caveat no matter what choice I make. I wish it
> were as simple as SD. :(


Reading this mailing list will scare just about anyone on just about
any topic, because you only read about the problems.

I've been running MythTV for about 18 months using firewire from
DCT-6xxx boxes.  Over that time, my experience has improved from
totally unreliable to rock solid.  The recent improvement in the tuner
portion of MythTV have brought real stability.

I am currently running four frontend/backend combo systems on Ubuntu
Feisty.  Three are attached to DCT-6xxx boxes over firewire.  The
fourth processes streams from an HDHomeRun box.

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