[mythtv-users] Bunch of MythArchive questions / problems

DM - MythTV mythtv at tazman.net
Sun Apr 29 20:26:24 UTC 2007

Brian Wood wrote:
>> dropping to 4x be helpful on an 8x disk?  Also, I don't have a DVD 
>> writer in the Myth box directly; everything is mastered to ISO and then 
>> burned off a Windows machine with Nero.
> This could be your problem. Good software tends to misbehave when it
> detects that it is in the same building as MS crap :-)
> But seriously, who knows what Windows and Nero might be doing? I'd get a
> burner into the Myth machine ASAP.
Ironic that you say that, since I don't ever have much luck burning 
disks (CD or DVD) under Linux; in fact, worse luck than using XPs native 
burner support.  For me it's harder to predict and control bus and 
system load under Linux than Windows (especially since the PCI bus on 
the Linux box is nearly at capacity).  I hardly ever have a problem with 
Nero tho, hence why I still pay for the license.

Since it's an image, Nero shouldn't be doing anything do it, but I'll 
try transferring over the DVD burner when I get a chance to shut the 
server down to see if that helps.  I suspect this will only be an 
elimination step, however.

I'll let you know my results.


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