[mythtv-users] will Nova-T 500 work?

Henrik Beckman henrik.list at gmail.com
Thu Apr 26 10:30:32 UTC 2007

I wrote a small script the ran in cron every minute, the script itself
looped every 10 seconds.
Checking messages for the disconnect message,  made a date stamped copy of
messages and cp  /dev/null  to the message file then rebooted,  my
recordings  start 3 minutes ahead to  be able to do a reboot since my
disconnects only/mostly occured while "opening" a channel, havenīt had any
disconnects for a long while though.

I would be simple to have a script running through messages each minute and
restarting myth-backend in case of a disconnect. The oopses where much worse
since the occasionaly needed a hard reset.
With bad reception I had more disconnects than with good reception,
therefore I recommend using the LNA and applaying the reception patch if
needed. Heard that myth will be able to handle hotplugs in the future.


On 4/26/07, Robin Hill <myth at robinhill.me.uk> wrote:
> On Tue Apr 24, 2007 at 02:29:52AM -0700, Frank Mckinney wrote:
> > If I follow the 'normal' install (as normal and standard as MythTV
> > gets anyway) and use the latest drivers supplied by linuxtv.org and
> > mythtv, will I be able to avoid the disconnect and other problems, do
> > you think?
> >
> In my experience, no.  I've been using the Nova-T 500 for nearly 6
> months now and am still getting diconnects approximately every month
> (this is running the latest linuxtv.org drivers with 0.20-fixes mythtv
> (with EIT disabled - last time I enabled it in increased the disconnect
> to an almost daily basis),  The latest DVB changes have prevented a
> kernel oops on disconnect but mythbackend still needs restarting so it's
> not a huge improvemenet,
> However, having said that, I'm very happy with the Nova-T 500 card.  The
> irritation of dealing with the occasioanl disconnect is more that offset
> by the convenience of the dual-tuner DVB-T card (especially in the
> constrained confines of the 2-slot case I'm pretty much stuck with).
> I've had to add an IR receiver to replace the old Nova-T card I had.
> This has presented some issues as it's more sensitive to interference
> (though also pick up a wider range of signals) than the Nova-T receiver.
> I'm happier having the IR reception separated from the video card (from
> an abstract perspective) though as it makes it far simpler to change
> video cards in future.
> Anyway, I think that pretty much covers my views on the Nova-T 500.
> There's a fair bit of work still to do on it but the developers seem
> aware of the issues and working on them, which is more than many other
> cards.  From my point of view there's also no competition for a
> dual-tuner DVB-T card so I'm stuck with USB tuners otherwise - which I'm
> (probably unfairly) biased against.
> Cheers,
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