[mythtv-users] Looking to set up a new Myth Box.

John Pierce john.j35 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 25 22:43:46 UTC 2007

On 4/25/07, Shiloh Madsen <shiloh.madsen at gmail.com> wrote:
> Ok, but I think I may be misreading this...correct me if I am wrong.
> Does this mean that I would have to set the satellite box to the
> station I want to record, then just have myth capture directly from
> the stream it is sending? That would essentially make mythTV a
> glorified VCR...and a dumb one at that. My desire is to be able to use
> the interface to say record this show on this channel, this show on
> that channel, etc, etc and let the mythtv box change to whatever
> channel it needs to be recording from on a given time. Does the setup
> you suggest allow for this? The description seems to indicate no...
Shiloh, first things first, please don't top post it makes threading a
conversation difficult at the least.

I have a HopHog (pun intended) pvr 500 mce and two Directv D11-300 Set
Top Boxes.
I have the composite outs of the two boxes connected to the two
composite inputs of the pvr 500 mce.  I have to serial -> usb
converters and two standard serial cables (9 pin) connecting the
computer to the set top boxes.  I can have picture in picture or I can
record one channel while watching another.  Knowing which input I have
selected or wish to record from myth will send the signal out on the
correct serial port and change the cannel of the set top box.  BE
FORWARNED, I am going to put a link here and you should choose one of
the listed serial->usb adapters as their pinouts have be tested and
are know to work.  Just follow the instructions on the page and all
should be fine.  Here is the link.

If you run into trouble with the directv perl script, email me off
list and I will send you my working script.

It is definitely doable and not that complicated to setup.

Good Luck.

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