[mythtv-users] Please point me to mythstream instructions

James Warden warjamy at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 25 19:48:05 UTC 2007


I don't have any URL but I remember that you will need to compile it, which means that you will need the mythtv source packages, and compile mythtv yourself.

One thing : mythstream has no X acceleration. When I use it on my epia based system, CPU is 100% busy ... which makes mythstream a bit useless on this box if I want to e.g. browse the internet at the same time.


Lan Barnes <lan at falleagle.net> wrote: mythstream is my next challenge. It's probably easy, but I couldn't find
anything on the wiki except a pointer to a home page.

Before I invest too much time, if there is a URL that tells all, I'd be
grateful. Just a URL is fine. I can read ;-)

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