[mythtv-users] Mac MythTV and dvd ripping

Ian Macdonald myth at iwasdot.com
Wed Apr 25 16:21:25 UTC 2007

I finally got my old mini-itx box up and running as a FE using minimyth. I
ended up just getting a ide-compact flash converter so I could boot it of
a CF, but it is not really a good fit as a DVD juke box since i would
prefer to store the dvds are divx. So now I am looking at using a mac as
fe box to rip the dvds. I have MythTV FW up and running on the mac and I
found mtd and got that to start but now I am at a loss on where to point
mythdvd so it sees the dvd drive. I tried /dev/disk0 but that just gave me
a bunch of errors when I started mtd. Any suggestions? Also does libdvdcss
work with the mac frontend?

I am on the edge on whether I should buy a mac mini as a myth tv frontend


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