[mythtv-users] will Nova-T 500 work?

Frank Mckinney krush_groove83 at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 24 09:29:52 UTC 2007

Hi Henrik,

Thanks very much for the info! Good stuff to know :) I hadn't known about the linuxtv.org site and found answers to my DVB-T question as well. 

If I follow the 'normal' install (as normal and standard as MythTV gets anyway) and use the latest drivers supplied by linuxtv.org and mythtv, will I be able to avoid the disconnect and other problems, do you think?


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I have the Nova-T 500.
The disconnect issue is more or less solved, for me my system is stable now but some users seem to still have problems, mostly while doing EIT scanning.
Afaik the remote is not currently supported but Im not 100% certain there, I use a mceusb2 device and its working very good.

There is a LNA amplifier on the Nova-t 500 that is activated as a module option (force_lna_activation=1), also there is a patch that corrects reception problems for the second tuner that are needed in some scenarios. Recently there has been  a hotplug patch submitted to linux-dvb, that solves the issue  of a kernel oops ( crash ) when the card disconnects, myth-backend needs to be restarted for recording to resume though.

Since you already have the card, keep it. There is active development and improvments on the driver so if problems occur in your config all hope is not lost.

As said by others you need a newer kernel or get the drivers from 
www.linuxtv.org and compile the drivers yourself.


On 4/23/07, Frank Mckinney <
krush_groove83 at yahoo.com> wrote:
Hi all, soon-to-be new user here...

I'm building up a system and in an enthusiastic impulse eBaying spree I purchased a Nova-T 500 tuner card without doing a lot of research if it will work or not. In doing much reading after I got the card I've found out the 500 is from an older generation of cards, and the preferred Hauppage card seems to be the PVR 350 or 150. So basically I'm just checking of the Nova-T 500 will be okay, relatively easy to set up, etc.? 

I haven't even started building up the system yet but this is what I'm planning for phase one of the MythTV box:
AMD Sempron 2600+
Hauppage Nova-T 500 ??
384mb of RAM (PC133)
250w P/S
Ubuntu Linux

Not truly impressive specs but everything apart from the CPU and tuner card was free (yay Freecycle!). I'm hoping to make the
 MythTV box a backend and use an Xbox system as a frontend. Which brings to mind my next question for another post...

Anyway, I'd really appreciate if anyone can point me to a guide, walkthrough, etc., about using the Nova-T 500, or just tell me simple 'yes, it will work' :)

If it matters, I'm in the UK and planning to connect everything to either a Freeview aerial (one reason for the Nova-T 500) and/or a Sky digibox...


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