[mythtv-users] HD-5500 will not tune NTSC channels.

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Tue Apr 24 01:38:00 UTC 2007

Thomas Kessler wrote:
> On 4/22/07, R. G. Newbury <newbury at mandamus.org> wrote:
>> The post 12618 problem only affects scanning on the ATSC side of things.
>> Your post was unclear: do you have TWO different zap2it channel lineups?
>> When you switch modes it is as if you swapped cards completely. So you
>> need a lineup distinct to NTSC channels. Your error message about wrong
>> modulation implies to me that you are trying to tune an NTSC channel,
>> using an ATSC-channel tuning method (because myth thinks it is dealing
>> with an ATSC channel). That fails, of course.
>> If you HAVE defined 2 lineups, it sounds like your NTSC channel listing
>> has the same modulation value as the ATSC....
>> For NTSC tuning, your card would not (properly) use the dtv_multiplex
>> table... which is the one place where modulation appears. (It should be
>> qam_256 for digital cable: in mysql:
>> select modulation from dtv_multiplex;
>> Geoff
> I was in mythtv-setup and I noticed that both my HD-5500 NTSC and PVR-350
> were being assigned to /dev/video0. I know I can add something to
> /etc/modprobe.d/aliases to assign hardware to a specific devices. Does
> anyone know what I might put to fix this? Also when I originally went to 
> get
> NTSC working I only had an analog listing in my zap2it account and I only
> setup my HD-5500 card with one input going to the NTSC connection and
> nothing to the ATSC side of the card in setup.
> TK

Since the cx88 modules are loaded by the kernel very early in the boot 
process, I have recommendeded that people blacklist all the cx88.. 
modules, so that they will not unexpectedly be loaded. (The kernel will 
then recognize that the card is there, but not load the module).
We control the load by adding a single line to rc.local: 'modprobe 
cx88_dvb'. Once installed, this will (should!) result in udev creating 
the /dev/dvb tree for the ATSC side of the card..

Then your usual modprobe.conf need only contain the ivtv line for your 
PVR. It will end up at /dev/video0..

Finally another line in modprobe.conf can load cx8800 for the NTSC side 
of the HD5500. It will then be assigned to /dev/video1.

This process means that the PVR card never changes its assigned 
position. The /dev/video1 and /dev/dvb/adaptor0 adapters will appear and 
disappear as the controlling module is swapped.

And you will have to start with another lineup at labs.zap2it.com.

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