[mythtv-users] URC 8910 profile with all buttons enabled?

Joe Votour joevph at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 23 15:23:30 UTC 2007

> I've got the semi-ubiquitious One for All URC-8910 remote.  I
> followed an online howto for setting it up (don't remember which
> one), but I'm using VCR profile 0081.
> Everything works as expected, but I'd like to add a few more
> functions to the remote.  There are a handful of unused buttons, but
> it seems that, under the profile I'm using, the unused buttons don't
> even send a signal.
> I actually sat down and re-trained LIRC, hoping I'd find a few
> unused buttons... but all the unused ones don't actually register
> with LIRC.  So my belief is that the 0081 profile simply disables
> those buttons.

That is correct - the OneForAll remotes will only send IR signals for
buttons that are defined to have a meaning.

> What I'd like is a profile that has every single button enabled...
> given that there are 1000s of profiles available for this remote,
> that's an awfully lengthy trial-and-error process.
> I'm hoping someone on this list just happens to know, offhand, a
> good profile to use to enable all buttons.

I don't think that any particular profile has every button enabled.  Also,
it depends on what your IR receiver is - if you're using a Hauppauge one,
then you're limited to RC-5 codes only.  If you're using something like an
irman, then you can use any combination of codes you want.

In order to get more buttons working, you need to map extended codes to
the extra buttons, if you're using RC-5, there's a limited number of them.
 You can program more than one button to send the same code - in some
cases, that's useful, not so much in others.  Also note that the COM SKIP
button on that remote apparently cannot be overridden without an extender
(basically new firmware).

You have two choices - program the EFCs[1] by hand, or do it with JP1[2]
(a cable and software).  The benefit of JP1 is that there are GUI tools
that assist you with this, and you can keep a backup of the EEPROM chip in
case your remote goes bonkers (or if you want to clone the remote).

-- Joe

[1] A listing of the EFCs for the VCR0081 profille:
[2] JP1 information

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