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Robert Current robert.current at gmail.com
Sat Apr 21 01:46:10 UTC 2007

I'm lost here, with the discussion starting to sound like open source
cheer leading?  Is that what's happening here, cheer leading?  Isn't
this way off topic?  (and if so, I'm guilty of taking it more there
now!) No offense, seriously, I called myself an open source cheer
leader in 1998 on freshmeat...

Joost is a for profit interactive broadcast video over IP system
developed by the guys who started up Skype and then sold it off... for
money... motive... money... not hard to figure out.

Just to look back, I think this happened with peer to peer file
sharing, with lots of proposals from Open Source.  Then Napster (for
profit) came along, made the IDEA huge, and got sued into oblivion,
and torrents rule the day when the dust settled....

What's to say that Joost isn't just popularizing an idea, and in the
end some open source implementation will make things much more
workable and common 2-3 years from now?

On 4/20/07, Cecil Watson <cwatson at linkline.com> wrote:
> > I still think that the MythTV platform has missed an opportunity to
> > build a community approach to watching tv that allowed simultaneous chat
> > and interaction between all users when watching the same show. (Kind of
> > what I was pitching 2 years ago when we killed the
> > www.Cognation.net/Cablecard3 <http://www.cognation.net/Cablecard3> project)
> How can you state this, when the source is Open?  Did you contribute
> code to allow the above?  Pitching is one think, contributing is
> another.  Who says Joost will be successful where others have failed?
> Just because it is "really really cool", doesn't mean anything.  If
> Joost does release a Linux client, all one needs is a menu entry for it
> in MythTV and that is that.
> Kind regards,
> Cecil
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