[mythtv-users] laptop to ide adapters

Rich West Rich.West at wesmo.com
Sat Apr 21 00:56:11 UTC 2007

One of my mythtv frontend systems was running off of a laptop drive.  I 
say "was" because, after this evening's tinkering, the $*#@* adapter 
decided to not work any longer.  Of course, this happened when I finally 
said that I was done with my FC5 to FC6 upgrade on all three of my FE's 
and my BE.

I picked up this particular laptop to IDE adapter back about 2 months 
ago after some discussion in an unrelated thread.

Obviously, this thing was cheap.. especially if it failed.  Am I sure it 
failed?  Well, two known-good laptop drives won't even spin up with it.

So.. since I need a replacement to get this FE back up and running, does 
anyone have any recommendations as to where to buy this in the hopes 
that I might actually get one that is made a bit better than this one here?


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