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Dean Collins Dean at cognation.net
Fri Apr 20 19:03:32 UTC 2007

Interesting CBS video clip in Alec Saunders blog today 


I still think that the MythTV platform has missed an opportunity to
build a community approach to watching tv that allowed simultaneous chat
and interaction between all users when watching the same show. (Kind of
what I was pitching 2 years ago when we killed the 
www.Cognation.net/Cablecard3 project)


It's all public domain now and nothing of value there because we killed
the project when Cablelabs wouldn't license us the cablecard2.0
interface specification to develop against. Basically we said see you in
hell when you have all gone the way of the dinosaurs, all the partners
took their money out and we agreed to get back together in 4 years when
there is a new technology to build against. Considering that was over 2
years ago I think I timing on picking the demise of coaxial cable and
set top boxes was about right.


Anyway just a thought and hope it's of interest.




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