[mythtv-users] Using Myth Video

William Munson william_munson at bellsouth.net
Wed Apr 18 23:00:27 UTC 2007

Robert Current wrote:
> I have mythvideo installed, but I don't know how to use it.  I can
> navigate to it in the menus, but I don't know how to add personal
> video (home movies, etc...)
> The README now just says "all configuration done in the program"
> Like a dork, I thought "ok, maybe it's dead easy" and I dropped some
> files in the directory it's suppose to be configured to use, but it
> doesn't see them (not in database?)
> So, how's adding video work?
Its a bit counter intuitive. You need to go to the video setup page 
under 'setup' in the main menu. Then scan for videos. Once that is done 
you can edit each video, check the imdb database and if you can find the 
video, it will download cover art and the movie info. Works quite well.

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