[mythtv-users] BE Disk / Filesystem Layout

jedi at mishnet.org jedi at mishnet.org
Tue Apr 17 21:29:46 UTC 2007

> David Frascone wrote:
>> I've read all the horror stories about the Raids.  I had been thinking
>> I'd use LVM, and just add disks as I need them -- but that would suffer
>> the same 100% loss on any disk failure.
>> Does Myth support using multiple filesystems for storing data?  I'm
>> thinking that might be a way to mitigate loss if drive failure occurs.
>> Something like:
>> /myth/disk1
>> /myth/disk2
>> ..
>> ..
>> ..
>> Otherwise, I think LVM is probably the easiest solution -- but one day,
>> everything will be gone.
>> And, the disk question:  I'm looking at segate barracude disks for
>> roughly $.25/Gb on pricegrabber.com.  I like segate since they have a 5
>> year warranty.  I'm also thinking $50 for 200Gb disks sounds about right
>> -- When I need more space, drop in another 200Gb.

Don't bother with the minnows. Go straight for the whales.

While it's true that the price per gigabyte for the 750GB drives
is higher than the smaller drives (even when Frys is running a
sale), you end up with with more than 3x the potential maximum
capacity based on how many drives you can support.


You think a terabyte is big until you start accumulating video.

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