[mythtv-users] Nagging audio sync issue

Chris Funk cfunk30myth at gmail.com
Tue Apr 17 19:12:47 UTC 2007

My master backend has a pvr-500 in it.  1st input is direct from the coax.
2nd input/tuner is from svideo via a dct-6200.  Watching from the backend
everything is fine (both tuners).
Frontend #1: AMD64 3500+  onboard nvidia audio(analog) going to
5.1receiver. Conneted using dvi to zenith plasma.  The 1st tuner
everything is
fine. However, when I switch to the 2nd tuner the audio is about +150ms
off  (this occurs on all channels).
Frontend #2: an old viewsonic tablet P3 933mhz the second tuner plays fine
no sync issues.
I also have a slave backend with an avermedia A180 for HD.  Frontend #1
plays that without any sync issues as well.   I have tried everything I
could find in the archives as well as docs.  Doesn't make sense to me that
it works for everything but the one tuner.  If that tuner were flaky seems
like it should affect the backend and frontend #2 viewing as well.
All the machines are using the lastest from atrpms

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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