[mythtv-users] Panasoinc TH58VX600U

Craig Partin cpartin at gmail.com
Tue Apr 10 21:46:56 UTC 2007

> >> We just broke down and bought a new plasma for our main home theater,
> >> replacing our aging projection TV.
> >>
> >> I was wondering if anyone has gone through the necessary steps in order
> >> to get this particular TV to display MythTV properly?  It has the VGA
> >> connection on it, but, with the lack of success I have had so far, I am
> >> tempted to go back to trying the component connection.
> >>
> >> Anyhow, X is seeing:
> >> (II) NVIDIA(0):     "640x480"
> >> (II) NVIDIA(0):     "848x480"
> >>
> >> And, up until I added the 640x480 option, it would try to display at
> >> 848x480, which looked hideous.  I added 640x480, and, while the display
> >> looks much better, mythcenter-wide's icons are way off to the right
> >> (partially off of the screen) and displaying video is way larger than
> >> what is being displayed on the screen.
> >>
> >> Not being an X expert or a MythTV expert, I've started trying some minor
> >> changes, but, apparently, this isn't like the small LCD screen that we
> >> have in our family room (I even tried copying the xorg.conf file from
> >> that system).
> >>
> >> Any ideas as to where to start?  I did a quick search through the wiki,
> >> and, I admit, I wasn't too detailed in my searching as I now have a low
> >> WAF on the setup and kids clamoring to watch.
> >>
> >>
> >
> > Form reading about this set on avsforum I believe that you can;t get
> > 1:1 pixel mapping over VGA and trying to drive the set at its native
> > resolution is a mistake, due to the rectangular pixels.  Might not be
> > the same for the big set, I was reading about the 42".  The consensus
> > was to drive the set with a 720p or 1080p resolution.
> Hrmm.. drats.  I did move over to component at 720p, and the picture was
> awesome.  Of course, I could have gotten the 60U for about $400 less,
> but I paid the premium for the PC input (I guess) which it looks like I
> wont be using. :(
> Although, I guess the up-side is that the set was one of the top rated
> ones (#1 or #2 depending on the list I found).  The 60U was in the top
> ten (#10).  *shrug*  Guess I should have researched it more..
> Actually, wait.. maybe I mis-read/mis-understood this.  When you said to
> use a 720p or 1080p resolution, would that be over VGA, or over component?
> Thanks for the quick response.  This list rocks. :)


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