[mythtv-users] Any UK DVB-T users having problems recording Channel Five?

Andy Burns fedora at adslpipe.co.uk
Tue Apr 10 13:12:37 UTC 2007

My mythtv seems to be particularly upset when watching live, or 
recording from channel "Five" lately, the backend looked like it was 
crashing, after it happening enough times for me to realise it was 
always related to channel five, I decided to run mythbackend in a 
console rather than as a daemon, to see if there was any logging or 
traceback when it happened

It seems that the backend just "exits cleanly" when recording, the 
signal level and S/N ratio are the same for this mux as all others, the 
block error rate is if anything lower than on other muxes.

Anyone else seeing similar, or any thoughts?

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