[mythtv-users] "Master backend override" doesn't work on slave FEs?

David Brodbeck gull at gull.us
Mon Apr 9 01:38:24 UTC 2007

Here's the scenario.  I've got a master frontend/backend, a slave
frontend/backend, and two remote frontends.  The recording directory on
the master backend is exported via NFS, so the slave backend can record
to it.  "Master backend override" is set.

With the slave backend up, everything works.

With the slave backend down, everything works OK from the master
frontend/backend machine; I can play back any file, regardless of which
machine recorded it.

HOWEVER, with the slave backend down, the remote frontends are unable to
play back files that it recorded.  Oddly, they can display the preview
OK, but trying to actually play the recording just results in a black
screen and an unresponsive frontend.

How can I get the remote frontends to stream from the master backend
when the slave backend is down?  I thought this was what "master backend
override" did, but apparently it only works if the frontend is on the
master backend machine?

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