[mythtv-users] System freezes, Live TV and recordings

JS Boyd mythtv at futures.com
Wed Apr 4 03:17:23 UTC 2007

Turn off and/or uninstall any cpufreq controls. That fixed this problem 
on my AMD 4200+.  CPU throttling and ivtv do not mix. It appears to be 
an IVTV driver issue. IVTV can be the issue with LiveTV or if the ivtv 
device needs attention while you are watching another show.

You could also try running with noapic nosmp boot options for the 
kernel. I run noapic, but did not need nosmp.

Good Luck.

nightshade at podiluk.com wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a very frustrating problem with my system, and it sure is not
> impressing the wife very much.
> My system freezes into a hard lockup and I have to hit the reset button to
> fix. This is somewhat a random problem but happens more at certain times
> and also at different spots. This is going to be hard to explain and I've
> not been able to find anything in the archives.
> 1. If I am watching live TV and the shows comes to an end it would lock up
> the system just between the next show starts. As the show ends I can hear
> the hard drive trashing a bit then it dies.
> 2. If the backend records a show some time during the night or when I'm
> not around it some times freezes once the show is over. I usually wake up
> to a dead system.
> 3. When on the recorded shows list I pick a show to watch the front end
> goes black and again it freezes. This happens randomly also.
> I've run both the back and front ends in verbose mode and the logs don't
> seem to have any obvious errors to me. I wont include them here for now as
> they tend to be very large with that much debug info being logged, I can
> post some if it if it needed.
> I've just updated my system with all the latest software including kernel,
> nvidia drivers, mythtv, ivtv... I'm running fedora core 6 on a AMD 3200+
> 1.25G Ram, nvidia motherboard, pvr-150. I have a 600G xfs lvm that I use
> to store my recordings on.
> I can play back shows I've download from the net, but that uses mplayer.
> Logs like dmegs, messages and xorg.log don't show anything. I'm total lost
> at what can be going on here... I would say it is a problem with the
> capture card but why would it die playing back recorded videos? Maybe an
> issue with the file system?
> Any suggestions or advise would be very much appreciated.
> -Darren
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Ubuntu Edgy 6.10
MythTV 0.20 SVN 13181 == checkinstalled
AMD 64 x2 4200+ 65W Energy Efficient Processor
Abit NF-N2 nView Motherboard
NVidia 6150 video VGA/DVI
PVR-500 (Phillips Chipset)
 IVTV 0.7.0-2+
500GB Seagate SATA: ST3500641AS

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