[mythtv-users] Chicagoland services - Comcast, WoW, DirectTV, Dish...

Andrew Close aclose at gmail.com
Tue Apr 3 19:10:32 UTC 2007

On 4/3/07, Donald Webster <fryfrog at gmail.com> wrote:
> If you already have cable, its definitely worth the small amount of
> money it costs to see if they have firewire.  If it works, it is
> pretty sweet.  Course, after 5 years you may end up having paid $500
> for your "HD Tuner" :(
> If you want HD from sat, their own DVR is probably the only way to go.
>  Are they any good?  I hear DTV dumped tivo and made their own.
> Of course, there is nothing wrong with OTA HD.  I mean, cable only
> adds another 5 or 6 HD channels anyway.  The major networks will cover
> most of the "big" shows.  With Comcast, I get TNTHD and DiscoveryHD as
> the only ones I care about.  I think I also get ESPN and such, but
> blah.  And MTVHD, blah.  If I paid for HBO (and the others) I'd also
> get that in HD.  Not bad, but I don't pay for em.

yeah, if i pay for service i hope for better quality than i'm getting
for my current over the air channels (shouldn't be too difficult :)
and i would like Discovery, History, HGTV, & TLC.  Those in HD would
be bonus.
since i don't currently have cable, maybe i'll try out the HDHR and
see if that improves my picture quality at all.  but i'm guessing if
my OTA service is currently average/poor, then my OTA HD will be

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