[mythtv-users] Weird distortion on recordings

Yan Seiner yan at seiner.com
Tue Apr 3 13:50:27 UTC 2007

Yan Seiner napsal(a):
> I'm trying to track down some weird distortion on recordings.  I've 
> posted a couple of examples and I hope someone can shed some light on this:
> http://www.seiner.com/analog.jpg
> http://www.seiner.com/digital.jpg
> This has been happening on my new backend - a 1.67 Ghz Core2 Duo.  I 
> transplanted the tuners from my old PIII 1GHz box to this one, and this 
> started happening.  Recordings on the old server were perfect; here they 
> distort like this.
> I am really out of ideas; the new backend has 4 SATA drives in a RAID5, 
> and is mostly idle.  It should handle one or two streams with no problems.
> The old backend had 4 IDE drives and 4 SCSI drives.  All recording was 
> stored on the IDE drives.
> There are no errors in the myth log files...
> I am running 0.20-fixes, self-compiled, on Debian Etch AMD64.

OK, a possible reason:

I've been watching the signal strength....  It's bouncing between 12 and 
99%...  Really weird.

Any idea where to look?  The obvious cause might be a failing amp....  
I'll check that later.  But could it also be freq tables or something in 
the setup?


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