[mythtv-users] mencoder and NBC 1080i

Jon jon at sd-6.org
Sun Apr 1 20:58:29 UTC 2007

Mike Rosack wrote:
> I've been encoding all of my 1080i HD recordings to x264 (1-pass) for
> a while now using the following command line:
> mencoder "$1" -oac copy -ovc x264 -vf pullup,softskip,scale=1280:720
> -ofps 24000/1001 -x264encopts
> bitrate=2250:subq=6:partitions=all:8x8dct:me=umh:frameref=5:bframes=3:b_pyramid:weight_b
> -o "$2"
> This works great for most of my recordings, but for a small percentage
> I get a constant stream of "1 duplicate frame(s)!" errors from
> mencoder.  The resulting output looks pretty bad, extremely stuttery
> and almost unwatchable.

Add harddup to your plugins, you'll still see the dup frame messages but
it will be smooth as silk with done.
mencoder "$1" -oac copy -ovc x264 -vf
pullup,softskip,scale=1280:720,harddup -ofps 24000/1001 -x264encopts
-o "$2"

Also what ouput container are you using?  IIRC avi containers do not
properly handle h.264 b-frames properly, and mencoder doesn't mux mkv
properly.  Your better off setting up a fifo and piping mencoder to the
x264 binary.

> I'm not 100% sure, but I think that I've only ever seen this happen
> with NBC shows, so maybe it has something to do with my local NBC
> affiliate.  Has anyone else seen this happen?  Am I missing something
> in my mencoder command line?
> Thanks,
> Mike Rosack
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