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Wed Sep 27 02:07:21 UTC 2006

ponents together.  This also selects what keys perform what functions &=
#8211; such as controling the volume on the stereo, but everything else on t=
he TV or MythTV system. &nbsp;<BR>
The system has a VERY simple learning function that works well. <BR>
One of the best things about the remote has been the level of support that =
LogiTech gives. &nbsp;I had an issue with the Hauppauge remote not having en=
ough buttons to do what I wanted (I wanted to separate the Info and Delete f=
unctions.. Not enough buttons on the Hauppauge remote so I couldn&#8217;t ju=
st &#8220;learn&#8221; the new key). <BR>
I spoke with a support person at LogiTech, who simply created a new arbitra=
ry code and assigned it to my profile for my remote. &nbsp;I assigned the ne=
w code to a button on the remote, and then set up the new button with irreco=
rd. &nbsp;&nbsp;It worked perfectly. <BR>
Another nice function of this remote is the ability to script activities on=
 the system. &nbsp;For instance: &nbsp;If you want to watch TV and have the =
stereo control the sound. &nbsp;The remote will Turn on the TV, set it to th=
e correct input, Turn on the Stereo, set it to the correct input, Turn on th=
e MythTV go to the Live TV mode, turn off the components it&#8217;s not usin=
g.. And then remember the status for the next time you switch activities. &n=
bsp;&nbsp;Its VERY cool. &nbsp;&nbsp;It even has a function that helps re-sy=
nc the components if something causes a component to be in some mode that th=
e remote doesn&#8217;t know about (such as someone using the wrong remote). =
I&#8217;d give the 880 an A+ (so far) - the WAF rating alone makes it a GRE=
AT purchase. &nbsp;</SPAN></FONT>


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