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Wed Sep 27 02:07:21 UTC 2006

together.  This also selects what keys perform what functions =AD such as
controling the volume on the stereo, but everything else on the TV or MythT=
system. =20

The system has a VERY simple learning function that works well.

One of the best things about the remote has been the level of support that
LogiTech gives.  I had an issue with the Hauppauge remote not having enough
buttons to do what I wanted (I wanted to separate the Info and Delete
functions.. Not enough buttons on the Hauppauge remote so I couldn=B9t just
=B3learn=B2 the new key).

I spoke with a support person at LogiTech, who simply created a new
arbitrary code and assigned it to my profile for my remote.  I assigned the
new code to a button on the remote, and then set up the new button with
irrecord.   It worked perfectly.

Another nice function of this remote is the ability to script activities on
the system.  For instance:  If you want to watch TV and have the stereo
control the sound.  The remote will Turn on the TV, set it to the correct
input, Turn on the Stereo, set it to the correct input, Turn on the MythTV
go to the Live TV mode, turn off the components it=B9s not using.. And then
remember the status for the next time you switch activities.   Its VERY
cool.   It even has a function that helps re-sync the components if
something causes a component to be in some mode that the remote doesn=B9t kno=
about (such as someone using the wrong remote).

I=B9d give the 880 an A+ (so far) - the WAF rating alone makes it a GREAT

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<TITLE>Harmony Remote &amp; WAF rating</TITLE>
<FONT FACE=3D"Verdana, Helvetica, Arial"><SPAN STYLE=3D'font-size:12.0px'>Just =
a note/recommendation to those that are looking for a remote to use with Myt=
hTV (or anything else for that matter).<BR>
About a week ago ordered LogiTech Harmony 880 remote. <BR>
It&#8217;s the best universal remote I&#8217;ve used yet. &nbsp;My wife is =
totally sold on it (she considers it &#8220;hers&#8221;).<BR>
When you receive the remote, you install the software, connect the remote a=
nd log into the LogiTech web site. &nbsp;From there, you simply enter the co=
mponents you wish to control with Manufacturer and Model information. &nbsp;=
The system automatically configures the remote for all of your components an=
d then gives you the ability to customize the configuration. <BR>

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