[mythtv-users] mythfrontend 0.20 Protocol version mismatch (frontend=30, backend=31)

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Sat Sep 30 19:16:29 UTC 2006

David Pietromonaco wrote:
> I can't figure out why I have a mismatch.  I believe I'm using 0.20 for
> both the frontend and the backend...  I used to be using 0.17, and to upgrade
> the backend I completely reinstalled on a fresh fedora core 5 and yum'd 
> the new backend according to the wilsonet instructions.  That all seems to be
> working fine (been recording programs today just dandy).
There is 0.20 and 0.20-fixes.   Early 0.20-fixes packages would work 
with a 0.20 base release, but later 0.20-fixes packages include a change 
that bumped the protocol version.  As such, you need 0.20-fixes packages 
on all your machines that include that change or later.  Best case and 
the only one supported is that all your systems are running the same 
release/package of 0.20-fixes.


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