[mythtv-users] Internal video player

Staffan Pettersson SciFi at bredband.net
Sat Sep 30 20:18:44 UTC 2006


Anyone using the Internal player for video and dvd? I canīt get a single
dvd or video to playback smoth :(. I dont seem to get any useful info
from the logs of whatś going on, If i turn on subtitles on dvd:s it gets
unwatchable. Everytime a new sub is passed the video stutters.

I tried watching dvd:s from iso files on the hd, but the problem

System spec:
2.4Ghz prescott cpu, 120gb ata hdd
512 mb ram
2 x dvb-t airstar2 + avermedia DVBT-771
Gentoo running 2.16.17-r4 kernel
Geforce mx440, nvidia binary 8762. Only using xv no xvmc
SB live value, running alsa-driver 1.0.11
mythtv-fixes branche (very recent, installed yesterdays release)

Livetv workes fine
mplayer + xine also workes fine

I live in sweden som most of the contend dvd etc is Pal 50hz

Best regards /Staffan

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