[mythtv-users] Battlestar Galactica premiere "previously recorded"?

Gavin Haslett gavin at nodecaf.net
Sat Sep 30 00:33:49 UTC 2006

On Sep 29, 2006, at 1:09 AM, Mike Grusin wrote:

> Just randomly checked to see if Myth picked up the Battlestar  
> Galactica
> season premiere coming up on 10/6.  I was surprised to see the  
> premiere
> marked as "previously recorded" using my existing recording rule  
> ("record at
> any time on any channel", "record new episodes only", "match  
> duplicates
> using subtitle & description").  Not sure what Myth was thinking,  
> as the
> zap2it guide data seems clear enough...
> In the end, I deleted the old rule and a few one-time overrides for  
> good
> repeats, and created a new one on the new episode (using the same  
> settings
> as above), which seems to have fixed the problem.  I'm not a SQL  
> person so
> unfortunately I'm not able to dig any deeper than that...
> Could be kinks in my system (I recently upgraded from .18 to .19), or
> confusion stemming from BSG syndication to USA Network and Bravo (?  
> at least
> that's what I gather from the guide data), but if it's a guide bug  
> BSG fans
> might want to double-check their rules...
> "And for frak's sake, stay out of the Galactica's firing solution!" =)
> -Mike G.
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Good advice... and something I went and checked right away when I saw  
this. My wife and I both LOVE that show, so it would've really sucked  
to have missed it. Thanks for the heads up... I probably would've  
checked it sometime next week anyway to be on the safe side, but it  
was really nice to get the heads up well in advance for a change :)


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