[mythtv-users] How to verify Firewire port is enabled with hd3250 tw cable?

Gregg 3gemail at gmail.com
Fri Sep 29 22:07:12 UTC 2006

>Plug report looks good and you ran test-mpeg2 correctly. The output from
>that command looks good. That is exactly what I get on my box when I run
>that command. You have to make sure you are tuned to a hidef channel like
>NBCHD, it shouldn't have 5c. Attached is Jim Westfall's script that should
>help to prime firewire to get it working. Before his script you had to run
>some plugctl commands to get it working. Now you just run his script with
>the instructions below and you should be good to go. I got this script from
>the mailing list about 2 weeks ago and I am sure there is a newer version.
>You can look through the archives for his name and see the original posts.

Thanks. That did the trick.  Do you have any pointers on getting the
sa3250ch script working It only seems to be sending 3 digit channels when I
run it in verbose mode.

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