[mythtv-users] help and feature request: mythwelcome and acpi

come se fosse antani antani at gmail.com
Fri Sep 29 10:20:31 UTC 2006

OOn 9/29/06, Bryan Bennetts <bbennetts at blueyonder.co.uk> wrote:
> On Thursday 28 Sep 2006 19:43, come se fosse antani wrote:
> > Hi all.
> > I tried to understand how use mythwelcome with acpi suspend on ram.
> > I found a thread in the ML about that topic but I don't understand
> > clearly how to do this.
> > It seems that some commands are hardcoded in myth and assume the use
> > of nvram instead of acpi (for example for the time format).
> I would've *thought* that if you have suspend to ram working, and you can wake
> up from the sleep state (you're using /proc/acpi/alarm, right?), then all
> you'd need to do would be setup mythwelcome with these settings :

DISCLAIMER: I hope that my poor english let me understand well your words.
Yes, I'm using S3 with /proc/acpi/alarm without issue; the same for
wakeonlan, then I'm able to resume the mythbox either with scheduled
timings (acpi alarm) or on demand with magic packet.

> | MythShutdownNvramCmd        | sudo /usr/bin/mythsettime | stella   |
> | MythShutdownNvramRestartCmd |                           | stella   |
> | MythShutdownPowerOff           | sudo /sbin/halt -p             | stella   |

First question: what does it mean "stella" ??

> Where mythsettime sets the wakeup time.

ok. I thought that the time format used from mythwelcome was hardcoded
and designed for nvram (which afaik use a pretty odd system).
is that true?
from what you write, it seems that is suitable also for /proc/acpi/alarm.
or, do you means that I've to modify your string in something like
"echo yyyy-dd-mm hh:mm > /proc/acpi/alarm" ? mmmh, I'm not

>The restart command is unset (there's
> some situation where nvram needs to do some sort of restart to get the waking
> up working - don't know why as I don't use it.

I think crappy BIOS, according with the mythwiki page.

> And MythShutdownPowerOff is,
> instead of the halt command, is whatever script you have setup to put your
> system to sleep.  Mythwelcome should handle all the checking whether it can
> shutdown or not, and it 'knows' when the machine is started whether its an
> automagical start or user driven and can be set to start the FE on user
> driven startups.

ok. but I've yet to understand the "mythsettime" part.

thank you

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