[mythtv-users] help and feature request: mythwelcome and acpi

Bryan Bennetts bbennetts at blueyonder.co.uk
Fri Sep 29 09:29:09 UTC 2006

On Thursday 28 Sep 2006 19:43, come se fosse antani wrote:
> Hi all.
> I tried to understand how use mythwelcome with acpi suspend on ram.
> I found a thread in the ML about that topic but I don't understand
> clearly how to do this.
> It seems that some commands are hardcoded in myth and assume the use
> of nvram instead of acpi (for example for the time format).

I would've *thought* that if you have suspend to ram working, and you can wake 
up from the sleep state (you're using /proc/acpi/alarm, right?), then all 
you'd need to do would be setup mythwelcome with these settings :

| MythShutdownNvramCmd        | sudo /usr/bin/mythsettime | stella   |
| MythShutdownNvramRestartCmd |                           | stella   |
| MythShutdownPowerOff           | sudo /sbin/halt -p             | stella   |

Where mythsettime sets the wakeup time.  The restart command is unset (there's 
some situation where nvram needs to do some sort of restart to get the waking 
up working - don't know why as I don't use it.  And MythShutdownPowerOff is, 
instead of the halt command, is whatever script you have setup to put your 
system to sleep.  Mythwelcome should handle all the checking whether it can 
shutdown or not, and it 'knows' when the machine is started whether its an 
automagical start or user driven and can be set to start the FE on user 
driven startups.

I've been intending to fiddle with sleeping instead of shutting down for a 
while, but haven't got around to it - partly because it doesn't take my 
machine long to boot/shutdown that it hasn't been an issue.


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