[mythtv-users] help and feature request: mythwelcome and acpi

come se fosse antani antani at gmail.com
Fri Sep 29 08:29:19 UTC 2006

On 9/29/06, Phill Edwards <philledwards at gmail.com> wrote:
> > so let me "ask" help (feature):
> > can anyone explain (integrate) the use of mythwelcome and acpi suspend?
> I'm not sure about this, but think acpi suspend is something which the
> kernel manages rather than Myth.

thank you for the answer.
Yep, suspend on ram is kernel related, but is really trivial to setup,
and AFAIK (and according to mythwiki about nvram) is not dangerous as
nvram can be with unsupported hardware and
I-thought-that-my-mobo-was-supported-but-there-is-a-new-revision. :D

If your hardware under linux support S3, what you need is a simple
"echo" command. there is systems that needs to unload (and reload,
after resume) some modules, but that's all.

>You have to have special modules or
> stuff compiled into the kernel, I believe, which allows it to detect
> inactivity and go into suspend mode.

I would to use the "mythtv features" to detect inactivity and
not-too-early recording in order to flag the system as "shutdownable",
like the ones in mythtv-setup.
I would to shutdown (S3) the system when there is no frontend
connected and when the incoming recordings will start in 1 hour, for
I don't know really if I need mythwelcome or, simplier, the settings
in mythtv-setup; that is the topic is me not so clear.
I've a combined BE/FE; I would let is suspend when no activity is (as
described above) and set up 3 types of power on (resume from suspend):
1. "you know you have something to do": with /proc/acpi/alarm for
scheduled jobs such a recording (mythtv should write in that proc
file, based on the incoming recordings, for example 3 minutes early)
2. "be ready": every day I want my mythbox on at 09AM and at 08PM,
automatically. (AFAIK mythwelcome has such feature)
3. "on my Mark. Mark": with wake on lan and magic packet. I see there
is an interesting show on tv, but I didnt remember to set up the
recording. It's too late (or too early) and I have no hope in the "be
ready" automatic power on. I've to wake up my box with wake-on-lan,
schedule recordings and let the mythbox again follow the 1. rule.

>It seems to be hard to set up
> because if you have sylogging activity going on all the time, for
> example, then it will never think it's idle and it won't work. Also,
> it's quite new and not that mature.

As stated before, I would let mythtv do the tricky part about that point.
Anyway, are you sure that suspend on ram is so "new and not that mature"?

thank you

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