[mythtv-users] Mythvideo now shows dirs with no playable files in

Stefan Manteuffel linux at sm-recycling.de
Fri Sep 29 03:58:27 UTC 2006

Hi Neil,

i have just found the same problem in Mythvideo but i cant navigate to sub 
When change in the settings the path to a sub dir than i can see the files and 
select them but cant navigate with right / left arrow to the sub dirs.

With mythfrontend -d all i cant find a solution.

sorry my english is verry rusti :)
regards stefan

Am Freitag 29 September 2006 01:58 schrieb Neil Sedger:
> Hi all,
> (as a side note, the fact that I'm now worrying about such a minor
> inconvenience suggests that MythTV 0.20 is a very fine product, and is
> running pretty well* on my Celeron 500 PVR350 front/backend - thanks muchly
> guys!)
> Around the same time I upgraded to 0.20 I lost my database and used 0.20 to
> recreate it, so I'm not sure if this is a difference in 0.20 or a config
> setting that I'm missing. I'm pretty sure I didn't edit anything manually
> in SQL before.
> I have always used mythvideo in 'list' view, showing a directory hierarchy
> which contains symlinks to include dirs of avis and the cdrom drives across
> various machines. I've got 'browse files' turned on so I can add and move
> files in and out without having to worry about updating the database.
> Previously (0.19 and before my database rebuild) directories that did not
> contain playable files (using the settings from the mythvideo filetypes
> screen) would not show up in the list. Now they do, but it won't let me
> enter them.
> Has something changed or is there a setting I've missed?
> Thanks
> Neil
> *all I can't do is watch LiveTV, but I can watch recorded files using XVMC.
> Might be a HD throughput issue (UDMA-33 only on the ancient BP6), or I
> might be able to fix the problem by dropping a second Celeron 500 in and
> running smp... to be tested :-)
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