[mythtv-users] Mythvideo now shows dirs with no playable files in

Neil Sedger mythtv-users at moley.org.uk
Thu Sep 28 23:58:56 UTC 2006

Hi all,

(as a side note, the fact that I'm now worrying about such a minor inconvenience suggests that MythTV 0.20 is a very fine product, and is running pretty well* on my Celeron 500 PVR350 front/backend - thanks muchly guys!)

Around the same time I upgraded to 0.20 I lost my database and used 0.20 to recreate it, so I'm not sure if this is a difference in 0.20 or a config setting that I'm missing. I'm pretty sure I didn't edit anything manually in SQL before.

I have always used mythvideo in 'list' view, showing a directory hierarchy which contains symlinks to include dirs of avis and the cdrom drives across various machines. I've got 'browse files' turned on so I can add and move files in and out without having to worry about updating the database.

Previously (0.19 and before my database rebuild) directories that did not contain playable files (using the settings from the mythvideo filetypes screen) would not show up in the list. Now they do, but it won't let me enter them.

Has something changed or is there a setting I've missed?


*all I can't do is watch LiveTV, but I can watch recorded files using XVMC. Might be a HD throughput issue (UDMA-33 only on the ancient BP6), or I might be able to fix the problem by dropping a second Celeron 500 in and running smp... to be tested :-)

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