[mythtv-users] Can't access my Mp3 collection

Andrew Davis andrew at nccomp.com
Thu Sep 28 21:39:51 UTC 2006

Robin Hill wrote:
> On Thu Sep 28, 2006 at 01:33:20PM -0700, Andrew Davis wrote:
>> Hmmm... I'm trying to track this down and can't figure it out...
>> I'm running 0.20 from ATRPMS following the guide at wilsonet.com...
>> I created /data/mp3s (note: I also have a /data/dvds which has all my 
>> ripped .avi's and Myth can access it just fine...). I copied my entire 
>> mp3 collection over, then set permissions on it. As you can see below, I 
>> started at / (root) and showed the permissions all the way into a 
>> directory of music that contains actual mp3's. All dir's have "x" 
>> permissions for traversal. All dirs and files are owned by mythtv and 
>> have at least read permissions:
>> [root at emperor mp3s]# cd Enya/
>> [root at emperor Enya]# ls -alsd *
>> 4 drw-r--r-- 2 mythtv mythtv 4096 Sep 26 15:33 
>> Paint_The_Sky_With_Stars_The_Best_Of_Enya
>> 4 drw-r--r-- 2 mythtv mythtv 4096 Aug  4 10:10 Shepherd_Moons
>> [root at emperor Enya]# cd Shepherd_Moons/
>> [root at emperor Shepherd_Moons]# ls -als *
>> 5308 -rw-r--r-- 1 mythtv mythtv 5421780 Jun 21  2004 01_Shepherd_Moons.mp3
>> 5628 -rw-r--r-- 1 mythtv mythtv 5747788 Jun 21  2004 02_Carribean_Blue.mp3
>> Now, in Utilities/Setup -> Music Tools if I try to "Scan for New Music" 
>> when I click it, I get a small popup that goes away before I can read it 
>> (about 10 milliseconds) then I'm back to the page. If I go back to the 
>> shell that I started mythfrontend from, I see:
>> "metadata.o: You don't seem to have any tracks. That's ok with me if 
>> it's ok with you."
>> The reference to "tracks" makes me think its scanning the CD drive which 
>> happens to *not* have a music CD in it, though this could be a poor 
>> assumption on my part if the developers also think of mp3 files as 
>> "tracks". Nonetheless, it doesn't seem to be scanning my music 
>> collection on the disk. Any reason why not? Its not permissions that I 
>> can see, though I've noted that ripped DVDs (ripped via Myth that is) 
>> are owned by root with 644 permissions, so perhaps the mp3's should be 
>> the same? I also notice I have a lot of songs/dirs with white-spaces in 
>> them. I could imagine this being a problem, but would prefer to know for 
>> sure before removing them in every single song/file.
> No, the refernce to "tracks" is perfectly normal.  Ever since vinyl
> songs have been refered to as tracks.  Anyway - your directory structure
> looks pretty much okay.  I see that only the mythtv user has execute
> permissions on the directories though - are you absolutely certain
> mythbackend is being run as mythtv?  From what you say about the ripped
> DVDs, it would sound like your mythbackend is being run as root.  I'd
> recommend either changing that or changing the directory permissions to
> 755.
> HTH,
>         Robin
Except that anything owned by a lower privileged user can be accessed by 
root. Thus, even if its set to mythtv:mythtv with 444 perms, root can 
access it. So if the backend is running as root, its a non-issue. The 
only issue is if the mythtv user can access it. Of course, there's the 
immutable flag, but that's not relevant here...
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