[mythtv-users] Can't access my Mp3 collection

Robin Hill myth at robinhill.me.uk
Thu Sep 28 20:59:58 UTC 2006

On Thu Sep 28, 2006 at 01:33:20PM -0700, Andrew Davis wrote:

> Hmmm... I'm trying to track this down and can't figure it out...
> I'm running 0.20 from ATRPMS following the guide at wilsonet.com...
> I created /data/mp3s (note: I also have a /data/dvds which has all my 
> ripped .avi's and Myth can access it just fine...). I copied my entire 
> mp3 collection over, then set permissions on it. As you can see below, I 
> started at / (root) and showed the permissions all the way into a 
> directory of music that contains actual mp3's. All dir's have "x" 
> permissions for traversal. All dirs and files are owned by mythtv and 
> have at least read permissions:
> [root at emperor mp3s]# cd Enya/
> [root at emperor Enya]# ls -alsd *
> 4 drw-r--r-- 2 mythtv mythtv 4096 Sep 26 15:33 
> Paint_The_Sky_With_Stars_The_Best_Of_Enya
> 4 drw-r--r-- 2 mythtv mythtv 4096 Aug  4 10:10 Shepherd_Moons
> [root at emperor Enya]# cd Shepherd_Moons/
> [root at emperor Shepherd_Moons]# ls -als *
> 5308 -rw-r--r-- 1 mythtv mythtv 5421780 Jun 21  2004 01_Shepherd_Moons.mp3
> 5628 -rw-r--r-- 1 mythtv mythtv 5747788 Jun 21  2004 02_Carribean_Blue.mp3
> Now, in Utilities/Setup -> Music Tools if I try to "Scan for New Music" 
> when I click it, I get a small popup that goes away before I can read it 
> (about 10 milliseconds) then I'm back to the page. If I go back to the 
> shell that I started mythfrontend from, I see:
> "metadata.o: You don't seem to have any tracks. That's ok with me if 
> it's ok with you."
> The reference to "tracks" makes me think its scanning the CD drive which 
> happens to *not* have a music CD in it, though this could be a poor 
> assumption on my part if the developers also think of mp3 files as 
> "tracks". Nonetheless, it doesn't seem to be scanning my music 
> collection on the disk. Any reason why not? Its not permissions that I 
> can see, though I've noted that ripped DVDs (ripped via Myth that is) 
> are owned by root with 644 permissions, so perhaps the mp3's should be 
> the same? I also notice I have a lot of songs/dirs with white-spaces in 
> them. I could imagine this being a problem, but would prefer to know for 
> sure before removing them in every single song/file.
No, the refernce to "tracks" is perfectly normal.  Ever since vinyl
songs have been refered to as tracks.  Anyway - your directory structure
looks pretty much okay.  I see that only the mythtv user has execute
permissions on the directories though - are you absolutely certain
mythbackend is being run as mythtv?  From what you say about the ripped
DVDs, it would sound like your mythbackend is being run as root.  I'd
recommend either changing that or changing the directory permissions to

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