[mythtv-users] MythTv Player 0.1a for windows

Mikkel Stensgaard mikkel at sudu.dk
Wed Sep 27 17:19:55 UTC 2006

>I have to say that I was impressed - I have the above described NTSC
"tall window" issue with 0.1a4, but fullscreen worked very well and
overall video performance was better than my experiences with WinMyth
or DSMyth.

Thanks. I hope people will use it after we remove the worst bugs.. (Even thought there is no support for de-interlazing yet :)

 >How about double click on video window to toggle full screen?
Already on my list ;) I really like the hotkey of bsplayer, so that is 
where I got the inspiration.

 >fe<tures: Not crashing ;)
agree ;). Everybody is encouraged to tell of crashes. When they 
happened. Did you just press a button/open a movie.. and send me the 
log-file (output.txt). I will probably make a debug build to catch the 
bug, if it is needed.


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