[mythtv-users] Ubuntu frustrations: Sql5.0 problem and not MythTv 0.20 depends on libasound2 problems

M@ msheppard at gmail.com
Sun Sep 24 21:03:55 UTC 2006

Typicla frustrated myth installation going on: I had myth 0.17 up and
running except for the mythfilldatabase BUG where the repeats reserved word
was causing errors.  I attempted to downgrade mysql with no success, and
decided to upgrade to mythtv .20 -

The couple ways I try to do the upgrade (apt-get and synaptic package
manager) complain about "Depends: libasound2 (>1.0.11) but
1.0.10-2ubuntu4is to be installed" plus about a dozen other depends

Am I lost here?  I'm really at a loss on what to do next.  System is hosed
right now.  I'm not at all worried about losing the database - as I'm pretty
sure it's gone already - this is a new install.

Helpless in NH,
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