[mythtv-users] Fuzzy sound, other recording issues.

Robin Gilks g8ecj at gilks.org
Wed Sep 27 03:58:26 UTC 2006

> Hey all,
> My myth box just recorded its first show!  The only problems are that I
> had to set the channel manually (since I have not yet set up the IR
> blaster to manipulate the set-top box) and that the sound was very...well,
> fuzzy.
> The capture card is a PVR-150.  Video input is S-Video, and I just used
> the audio out (RCA) jacks from the set-top box to the card.  It was very
> staticky.
> Also, MythTV apparently overrode my resolution settings--the recorded MPEG
> was 480x480, when I had initially set it to 720x480.
> If anyone can help me troubleshoot these problems, I'd really appreciate
> it.  I would note that when I simply cat /dev/video0 to a file, I do not
> have these problems.  Thanks!

Check out the ivtv list for the fuzzy audio problem.

resolution problems? dunno!

Robin Gilks

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