[mythtv-users] codec question

Andrew Davis andrew at nccomp.com
Wed Sep 27 00:19:09 UTC 2006

gLaNDix (Jesse Kaufman) wrote:
> Andrew Davis wrote:
>> Obviously installing MythTV installs all sorts of goodies for 
>> encrypted DVDs (libdvdcss, etc), MP3 playback, and such. But how 
>> 'bout for WM? If I have a movie in .wmv format, can MythTV play it? 
>> Are there additional mplayer codecs I need to get?
> it really depends what video player you're using ... if you use xine, 
> it can play any types that xine can play ... same w/ mplayer ... both 
> have the ability to use 3rd-party codecs (available on mplayer site) 
> ... as far as using the internal player, I have no idea, since so far 
> i've only used xine for video/dvd playback
I'm running .20 which I understand defaults to using mplayer as the 
default player for most everything. So, going off of a default setup, 
that means mplayer for me. I guess what I'm getting at is maybe a list 
of the codecs that are installed. Presumably the list would vary from 
going from source versus going the ATRPMS route (the latter being 
dependent on what codecs the package maintainers opted to include?

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