[mythtv-users] codec question

gLaNDix (Jesse Kaufman) glandix at lloydnet.org
Tue Sep 26 23:58:45 UTC 2006

Andrew Davis wrote:
> Obviously installing MythTV installs all sorts of goodies for encrypted 
> DVDs (libdvdcss, etc), MP3 playback, and such. But how 'bout for WM? If 
> I have a movie in .wmv format, can MythTV play it? Are there additional 
> mplayer codecs I need to get?

it really depends what video player you're using ... if you use xine, it 
can play any types that xine can play ... same w/ mplayer ... both have 
the ability to use 3rd-party codecs (available on mplayer site) ... as 
far as using the internal player, I have no idea, since so far i've only 
used xine for video/dvd playback

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