[mythtv-users] KnoppMyth R5D1 and myth2ipod, any one have it working?

Ed O'Brien ed3120 at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 26 17:28:51 UTC 2006

> I tried Tony's instructions--they will work for some of what is   
> discussed 
> here, but the -hq problem is something that I had when I compiled   
> ffmpeg 
> from SVN. 
> To summarize how I implemented Tony's process, I: 
> 1. uninstall the SVN version of ffmpeg: "make uninstall" in the ffmepg 
> source dir 
> 2. Installed ffmpeg from apt-get 
> 3. downloaded an older version of nuvexport from 
> http://forevermore.net/files/nuvexport/archive/ (I used the command   
> "wget 
> http://forevermore.net/files/nuvexport/archive/nuvexport-0.3.tar.bz2") 
> 4. unpacked it using "tar -xjvf nuvexport-0.3.tar.bz2" 
> 5. installed nuvexport with "/nuvexport source dir/make install" 
> 6. installed update ipod.pm: "wget http://myth2ipod.com/iPod.pm" 
> and "mv 
> iPod.pm /usr/local/share/nuvexport/export/ffmpeg/iPod.pm 
> Jon 
>I just tried the same thing and still get 
>ffmpeg: unrecognized option '-hq' 
>What the heck is sending this unknown -hq flag? How do I make it   
>stop? I don't see it explicitly being called anywhere. 

I tried Tony's process listed about and it still doesn't encode.  Is there a log file somewhere for Myth2Ipod, or tests that I can run that'll determine what broke?
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