[mythtv-users] Mythweb & Myth 0.20

Jimbo jim at jamesberwick.com
Tue Sep 26 17:35:55 UTC 2006


I'm running Myth 0.20 via the .debs from http://www.debian-multimedia.org.

Things are working great with the exception of Mythweb.  I am using 
mythweb from an SVN checkout (revision 11294) and the basic 
functionality of Mythweb seems to work OK.  However, I've encountered 
one problem:

The recorded programs list does not contain links to the recordings. 
The href tags all point at "http://<ip>/tv/recorded"  It looks like 
around like 275 of modules/tv/tmpl/default/recorded.php, $show->url is 
empty.  Before I started reading the code, is this a known problem with 
a patch available, or should I write one?  I'm pretty fluent in PHP so 
fixing this myself shouldn't be a problem, I just don't want to 
duplicate effort.


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