[mythtv-users] How do I keep PVR-250 from changing channel?

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Tue Sep 26 13:36:31 UTC 2006

George Lopez wrote:
> I am a linux newbie.  I have no idea what I am doing other than 
> copying and pasting a bunch of code to different file names or 
> something. 
> I have a STB (satellite receiver) connected via co-ax cable to my 
> mythTV system.  It is up and running, almost. I thought I had a 
> work-around to get myth to tune my PVR-250 to channel 93 by typing the 
> below command in a term window:
> # ivtv-tune -c93 -d /dev/video0
> I have to tune the PVR to a channel b/t 73 and 98 (long story) b/c of 
> the way my satellite receiver is set-up.
> 1.  How do I make Linux FC-4 (really I am running Mythdora) tune to 
> channel 93 (my channel of choice) permanently so that it survives a 
> re-boot?
>      Currently, after booting up, mythfront end starts.  I then 
> alt-tab to open a term window, "su" to root and type the above 
> command.  I then alt-tab
>      back to myth frontend and the system works.
> 2.  How do I make myth NOT change the PVR channel when a show is 
> programmed to record?
>      Even though the PVR changes to channel 93 (Z) because of the 
> above command, it is only good for watching live Myth TV.
>      As soon as a program is scheduled to record on channel X, I think 
> myth is changing the tuner to channel X.  I need the tuner to stay on 
> channel Z
>     after a reboot, through new recordings, and forever.
> 3.  I tried to set things up in Step 4 of mythtv set-up, but that did 
> not help.  It is a mystery to me.
There is an option in the capture-card setup to set an external channel 
changer.  Just set that to something like /bin/true or some other script 
that really doesn't do anything and it won't change the channels.  Set 
the default channel to 93 then.


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