[mythtv-users] Playing avi files

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Tue Sep 26 13:28:46 UTC 2006

Quoting Andrew Davis <andrew at nccomp.com>:

> Disregard... I fixed it... had two problems... one, somehow the player
> for the filetype .avi was set to "internal"... and it needed to be
> "Internal" (cap "I")... two, I copied all the files over as root, which
> is fine except that they got 700 perm's and needed 644... once I chmod'd
> them all to 644 I could play them just fine...
> BTW: are there problems with the list? First it took me close to two
> days to be able to subscribe, and after I finally did, I got two emails
> from the list but haven't rec'd any others, nor even my own... and last
> I was subscribed I recall this list getting quite a bit of traffic...
> Andrew Davis wrote:
>> I have a collection of .avi files which are basically my DVD
>> collection ripped to my hard drive with FairUse and into xvid format.
>> On my myth box, I can run "mplayer -vo xv /data/dvds/movie.avi and it
>> comes up and plays. However, if I go into MythTV -> Media Library ->
>> Watch Videos and browse to the movie, it won't play them... though it
>> will play iso's and vob's that I ripped with MythTV (which supposedly
>> went to xvid format). Am I missing something???
>> BTW: I'm running .20 installed via ATRPMS from the guide at
>> http://wilsonet.com...
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I have also seen strange email behaviour from this list.  I wont get  
an email all afternoon, then they all just start streaming in.  Like  
they are being queued......  I know it is not my mail server so not  
sure what is wrong with the list mail?


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