[mythtv-users] Program guide no longer works after 0.20 upgrade.

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Mon Sep 25 23:13:25 EDT 2006

On 09/25/06 16:29, Richard Bos wrote:

>Op maandag 25 september 2006 20:08, schreef Ron Garrison:
>>Well it appears someone beat me to it.  There is an open ticket for this
>>issue - Ticket #2448.
>I have this issue too, but that's most likely because I did not configure the 
>tuner yet [1].  Is there a way to see the EPG anyway while the tuner card is 
>not configures?
Nope.  It only shows you the channels you could watch.  Without a 
capture card, you can't watch any.

>[1] the tuner card must be equipped with a ci/cam, which is not available yet 
>for linux.  As such it does not make sense to configure a tuner card.  I'm 
>able to obtain the EPG data from the net, and the data is present in the 
>database and can be viewed using 'search program'.
>Does the frontend takes for displaying the EPG or is a helper program taking 
>care for displaying the program data?
Part of mythfrontend.  Freevo's the one that uses a plethora of helper 


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