[mythtv-users] Program guide no longer works after 0.20 upgrade.

Richard Bos richard at radoeka.nl
Mon Sep 25 20:29:56 UTC 2006

Op maandag 25 september 2006 20:08, schreef Ron Garrison:
> Well it appears someone beat me to it.  There is an open ticket for this
> issue - Ticket #2448.

I have this issue too, but that's most likely because I did not configure the 
tuner yet [1].  Is there a way to see the EPG anyway while the tuner card is 
not configures?

[1] the tuner card must be equipped with a ci/cam, which is not available yet 
for linux.  As such it does not make sense to configure a tuner card.  I'm 
able to obtain the EPG data from the net, and the data is present in the 
database and can be viewed using 'search program'.

Does the frontend takes for displaying the EPG or is a helper program taking 
care for displaying the program data?

Richard Bos
Without a home the journey is endless

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