[mythtv-users] mytharchive DVD has no visible menu selection/'cursor'

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Tue Sep 26 03:04:41 UTC 2006

On 09/25/06 17:11, Ron Garrison wrote:

>  On 9/18/06, Neil Bird <neil at fnxweb.com> wrote:
> > Burnt my first test DVD from MythArchive, and almost everything
> > went swimmingly. The only glitch is no visible selection on the
> > menus. The DVD works if I guess where the selection is, and it
> > seems to 'move' appropriately. Just can't see it.
> >
> > Anyone else seen this? I couldn't find any other refs. on the
> > list.
>  I had this problem and solved it by upgrading one of the support
>  packages - I think it was DVD Author.

That makes sense as the new version of spumux (from dvdauthor 0.6.11, 
IIRC) support the new way of specifying transparency in PNG's.  With the 
old spumux and a new PNG (which MythArchive probably is (and should be) 
using), you'll get no subtitles (= no visible menu).


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